Why You Need To Woo 'Em With Vids

You've been told about video marketing for over a year now, so now's the time to add video marketing to your marketing strategy if you haven't already.

Hubspot declared that by the end of 2017, video content will represent 74% of all Internet traffic.

You might be wondering, why are social media marketers like myself and digital media people telling you this? Well it's due to reduced attention spans. Consumption of content is on overload and video allows you to capture your audience's attention swiftly and before they move on to the next part of their day.  

If you don't believe me, Animoto, a leading video marketing company, conducted a survey almost 2 years and over two-thirds of the marketers and small business owners said that "video marketing had a direct impact on their business." 

So if you're not already thinking about how to woo your audience with videos, then now is the time. 2017.

If you'd like to explore ways to implement video into your marketing strategy, tweet me and we'll talk about your goals.