3 Tips To Build Loyal Fans

Whether you're an amateur team or a world renowned organization, it is mandatory to connect with your fanbase on many different levels. Creating authentic and interactive relationships between your fans and your organization will build long-term brand loyalty. 

In this post, we cover 3 sports business tactics that are keys to fan engagement online and discuss how each can bring you closer to your fans.

Digital Social Media Assets: In a world where every person is connected online, the average sports fan likely follows your organization online with a certain level of expectation, whether they are looking for the latest game highlights or simply new and innovative ways to stay connected to the players. Each and every digital platform your team maintains should have its own strategy for sharing digital assets to keep the fans engaged. 

In 2013, it was noted that "consumers watch less live television and the selection of viewing options has increased exponentially." 

What matters most is that people will always watch live sports, and gather with their friends and other fans, unlike any other activity. Brands need to find new ways of engaging potential customers and clients. With the emergence of live video on social, a specific strategy needs to be identified and implemented so that you're not missing out on capturing your fan base's interest. Examples of what can be done include Instagram Story takeovers and Live Facebook Video.

Check out this video released by Georgia Tech Athletic department announcing their new partnership - short, simple and visually powerful. The video linked to the full press release and details about the new partnership. We’d love to see the conversion rate on that video. 

Brand-Specific App: This might be a tall task for an organization that is just starting out but think about how you can utilize your own app to encourage fan participation in all facets of the gameday experience. From providing exclusive live content to fans in the seats or allowing visitors to earn points for purchasing merchandise or concessions, the possibilities are endless.

By encouraging your fans to participate, you build trust and eventually long term loyalty. A hockey team based out of Germany utilizes their own app to incentivize people buying concessions and merchandise from their venues. Earning points towards special events when the home team scores is an added bonus. 

Community Involvement: Engaging with your community goes without saying, but the important part many organizations often miss is showcasing the involvement online. Keep it simple and make yourself accessible to the people who will be your loudest ambassadors on the ground. 

From meet-and-greets to charity time, this is an increasingly important part of a brand’s strategy. The community arm of an organization can get involved with nonprofits that benefit the local community. Fans will recognize the relationships being formed and support an organization who continues to give back. 

Each of these marketing tactics is rooted in the passion that generates a fan’s willingness to remain loyal. The more you give back to the fan, the more they show their loyalty. 

Marisa Cali