Why Good Etiquette is Great For Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is not a new idea. Your reputation and all of the things that contribute to it have always mattered in business and in social circles for some time now. Have you ever unfriended someone because of what you've seen on their TL? Most likely yes.

The presence of the social media is what makes the concept of personal branding so much more relevant. It's no longer "just social media".

The first thing you should think about is your online attitude. Are you a positive or negative person? It’s estimated that your attitude accounts for 85% of success. Even though you're online, you should still be treating everyone with respect and offering help. A positive attitude comes through in the form of thank yous, congratulatory messages and making conversation with people in your community. Looking for a small community to have conversations with? join this one on Facebook Collabs, Convos & Coffee.

Now the question is...What would I suggest if you want to level up your personal brand?

It's important to remember that everything you share online is viewable or accessible...forever. That's right, forever. Even with the increase in cybersecurity...

We aren't for sure if internet service providers improve their protection of users’ privacy even if they say they are improving it. Google has a new “Confidential mode" available to users. The feature prevents an email from being printed or forwarded yet DOES NOT actually delete the email.

Our “digital footprints” grow bigger by the millisecond. With every post, share, double-tap or like, we are building upon our digital DNA that cannot be expunged. Add in Alexa, Google Home and Cortana....it's everywhere.

There are ways to control our reputation and personal brand. Here are a few tips:

  • Conduct a mini-online audit and delete any questionable posts.

  • Check where you're tagged and see if there are any pictures you want to remove.

  • Share nothing that could possibly be deemed offensive.

  • Always use good taste before you hit publish.

  • Being angry is ok, but avoid over-sharing your anger.

...And the number one tip is to treat others with respect! This is so important.

If you aim to post valuable and useful information with others and you know you would be comfortable with anyone seeing it, now or later, you're already on the right track.

Future business partners, sponsors and grandmas will be proud of your exceptional digital footprint and good etiquette on social.

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