How to Create a Recognizable Visual Identity on Instagram

Hopefully, you’ve gotten great takeaways from our #SMMW18 recaps so far, we have two more sessions to cover, here are the takeaways from How to Create a Recognizable Visual Identity on Instagram from Ben Blakesley.

Alright, so if you know me personally, you know I LOVE love love Instagram. I get so much inspiration from Instagram and I’m a fan of great themes. Happy to share the takeaways I got from listening to Ben’s talk at #SMMW18.

1. No Random Instagrams: Random acts of kindness are great, but, random acts of marketing are a No-No! Let your Instagram tell a story and allow the photos to connect with your audience. A curated experience that makes you feel [insert emotion] is key. While bunnies eating berries looks cool, it may not go with your company’s profile so be mindful of it.

2. Create guidelines. Whether it’s you working on the Instagram account or you have a team working on it, it’s important to have guidelines set. With the guidelines, you will ensure that images fall within the parameters that have been provided. Your guidelines should cover three things:

When to capture

Who the subject matter is

What to edit

These three points will provide the framework for your visual identity to be represented. 

3. Possess a visual identity. Speaking of visual identity, Ben covers 18 different elements of visual identity that can be owned by your company/brand/organization. Whether you want to create content that highlights TONALITY (warmth of your photo) or PERSPECTIVE, make sure you own it and put it out there on your account. It will add cohesiveness to your brand. He mentioned that Reebok uses images that have less saturation despite saturated photos do better on Instagram when it comes to engagement.

4. Make beautiful images. I’ve seen accounts with random memes or blurry photos… that’s another No-No straight from Ben. “When people go to your Instagram account and pulls it up, what do you want them to see? A Garbage Dump?!,” said Ben Blakesley. Invest the time in creating an Instagram account that looks professional no matter the size of your company.

Your investment will pay off especially if you’re adding value and being consistent. For more coverage of #SMMW18, follow me on Twitter.

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