How To Turn Mediocre Customers Into Powerful Brand Advocates [SMMW18 Recap #3]

Many businesses are struggling to create a strong, seamless customer experience. Shama shared stories of how brands can utilize their existing audience to create powerful brand advocates. This week, I bring you FOUR Takeaways from How To Turn Mediocre Customers Into Powerful Brand Advocates brought to by Shama Hyder.

1. “Yesterday’s Corner Office Has Shifted” Think of this - where do you get your first impression of a business these days? Online, right? You are defined by what people find online about your business. These days it doesn’t take someone getting through 4 different people when they call a business to inflict change. Access is so much simpler these days so you as a business have a responsibility to acknowledge what the customers are saying.

2. As a business, how can you build trust and be more accessible? You need to understand the modern customer first. So, what is the modern customer?
- The modern customer has higher expectations.
- The modern customer expects their experience to be friction-less.

The opportunities for businesses to get a message out there into the world is endless. We have more connected consumers now than we’ve ever be sure you keep them in mind.

3. Attract, convert, transform - Shama mentions that being proactive and building positive attention is important before you convert them. How do you do this? Be present online.  Show your customers that you’re there and you are listening to them.

So now you have a lot of customers and they are happy. Turn the happy customers into evangelists. Have events. Shama provided an example of Chase Bank having a Chase for Business event that served their customers, brought people face-to-face and allowed people to spread the Chase brand to their connections.

How do you convert those who don’t love your brand? Through customer care and crisis communication (I talked about this on last week's podcast). Don’t take yourself too seriously and respond without the stuffiness that is customer care of the Past.

She insists you have a strategy on how to respond to messages online...Whether it be via private message, secured chat exchange or an offline call make sure there’s a plan. It will improve your image with customers.  

4. “People are the media” - Yes, that’s right. WE, the people, are the media and businesses can leverage us to build their brand. Shama recommends if people are your focus and you’re paying attention to the people, you’ll be set.

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