Why To Implement Influencer Strategy In Your Digital Strategy

In the last year alone, influencer marketing saw a substantial growth - a 198 percent increase! Are you implementing influencer marketing into your digital strategy? Let me review what influencer marketing can do your business.

Add a personal touch

There are many instances when a brand lacks a personal touch and utilizes people to connect with people. Financial firms do this when they depict a story of a family renovating their home or taking a long vacation. In order to connect people to people, brands are looking to connect with influencers who are well-known. NOTE: Please consult Federal Trade Commission regulations if you are a financial firm and before you agree to work with an influencer.

Demonstrate your core values

Most successful brands have philanthropic sides to their business. However they fail to depict that in their digital marketing strategy because they don't know how or they're just lost what to do. Partnering with an influencer can communicate information in a way that is relatable to your target audience.


If you notice that an influencer is advocating for your brand, flip that into a partnership that makes sense for your business AND the influencer. That will not other authenticate your brand to their following but it will be a result of genuine support. Fashion and music brands utilize this strategy regularly on Instagram. However, it can be utilized on any social media platform including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Influencer marketing is no longer just paying someone to market your product, it has become an opportunity to be unique and deliver value to a built-in audience.

Who is your ideal influencer? Need help figuring out how to implement this into your digital strategy? Let's chat.