EP08: 7 Takeaways from #SMMW18

This wasn't planned, I had a different episode lined up for Monday, March 5...but serendipity happens sometimes. In this quick 17-minute episode (not planned!), I go over 7 things that I took away from this year's Social Media Marketing World. 

1. Don't ruin chatbots with messy planning.
2. Show more of YOU!
3. Relationships are key! @patflynn
4. Try something new.
5. Your audio needs to be clean!
6. Invest in your tribe! @duncanjwardle
7. Get out and go to events!

Did you attend #SMMW18? What was your experience like? I'd love to hear about it! Tweet me @allthesocial 

I didn't mention my MC's name but shoutout to @anguswilson as well.

PS. This otter is for Meg