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EP15: Racheal Blackmore | What Content Says About Us As People And Brands

Do you find yourself struggling what content to write or story to tell? Well, when you think about it, we're all pretty similar in that we have the same goals - to seek justice, to achieve success, etc. If you peel back the layers, you can find what your story is. Listen in as I chat with Racheal about content writing, meshing with the right people in business and telling a story.

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Podcast Tips from the Trenches

It has been over a month since #SMMW18, you may or may not have seen the recaps I've provided. I wanted to review the Tips from the Trenches with Jordan Harbinger session in today's blog. 


1. Jordan says that you shouldn't have FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] syndrome if you are not getting as many downloads as other people's show when you’re first starting out. It's easy to feel bad about your show, especially when you're first starting out, but, it’s normal. His advice: Don't wait until it's perfect; just do it and get more comfortable.

2. Focus on quality of the content because people have so many options and if content is similar they will move on to the next shiny thing. People will identify with funny host, a host who keeps it interesting and real. When your audience is paying attention to the host and the content, you’ve got them hooked. Important takeaway: Summary: "Be as good as you can be"

3. It’s important to do more shows at the beginning because as you do more you will get better. [Side note: I know this for a fact.] Create and produce a bunch of stuff that you will perfect over time because when you’re doing enough quantity the quality will come.

4. This may be the most valuable nugget of information from this session. You need to give people free stuff, so good that they want more. If it makes them look for you after they’ve digested your free stuff, it’s because of the value you gave them. Jordan reminds us: “Everyone's hip to the funnel".

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How To Launch A Badass Podcast - Four Things You Need!

Have you been thinking about hosting a podcast? I thought about it for many months, even went so far as to conceptualize a podcast with a peer of mine before really knowing what I was doing. I was determined to launch it on January 1.

There are many platforms out there and if you Google how to start a podcast, you might be overwhelmed with the advice given. My podcast eventually launched later on in January after testing out different methods and getting a routine in place that I was comfortable with. If I had this list, I would have been able to launch on time. So, I want to share with you a few tools you'll need to get started.

1. A USB Microphone - I read a few blogs, asked a few friends and got a number of recommendations on which microphone to use. If you're planning on recording a solo podcast at home like I do and you won't be needing people in your studio (office), you can get yourself a USB microphone. I decided on the studio-quality Cardioid USB Microphone from Audio-Technica. It's on sale for $99 now so I'd scoop up this one ASAP.

Pro-tip: Pick up this Dragonpad pop filter to soften your P's when you're speaking into the mic. 

2. Call Recorder for Skype - I started my podcast as a solo podcast with no guests, then, I realized that this wasn't for me. I love being social so I needed to figure out a way to get people on my podcast. I wasn't sure how I could record conversations and it would be clear enough for a podcast episode - multiple podcast episodes. First, I tried Zencastr then zoom, but these products weren't as clear as Skype. I hadn't used Skype in years. I used the Call Recorder for Skype to record the conversations I had. This tool is the easiest and pairs well with the latest version of Skype. Call Recorder for Skype is available for a one-time charge of $39.95 - click here to get this tool. Bonus: you can record the video on Skype too if you want it to (additional charge may apply)

3. Podbean - You've got your podcast ready to share but you need a host now.. Soundcloud, LibSyn, Anchor, and Podbean - the options are endless. Yes, you need to have a host because your podcast files are large and you're gonna need to pay someone for server space. Podbean costs $14/month (as low as $9/month if you pay for a year in advance) and really intrigued me when I saw them respond to a Reddit thread about Podbean hosting. It means they are paying attention to what people are saying. The customer service is top-notch so it gets a recommendation from me. 

With Podbean, you can generate the RSS feed necessary to share to iTunes and Google easily too.

4. Pond5 - The Pond5 website will give you endless options for intro and outro music. I chose my music early on because it spoke to me and gave off East Coast vibes. There are a lot of sites where they will record an intro for you, but, I like having mine simple and with a beat behind it. 

These four things are essential for launching your podcast. But, there's much more to cover - What format will you follow? What are the topics you will cover? What's your podcast about? Want to talk podcasts? Schedule a consult with me.

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EP05: Get Your Mind Right

In this week's episode, I want to share with you my chat with Luciana Naldi. Her energy is infectious, you can feel her energy in her posts and you'll hear it in our chat. Having the right mindset when you work for yourself is so key.

We talk about how self-care affects you and your business. She is a full-time mom and Self-Care Strategist and Coach; for more information on Luciana, check out her website

Also, I set up an Instagram for the pod @thebbpod, you can find it by searching the hashtag #TheBBPod or clicking above. Give me a follow and let me know what you want to chat about.