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EP 32: Dave Rynne | It's Never Too Late To Re-Invent Yourself

I'm back after a mini-break from the podcast, you may notice a new cover design ...or maybe you won't. 

When I sat down to talk with Dave Rynne, we talked about his life as an entrepreneur and re-inventing the idea that you can start a new path later in your life. We hear about his family life, his past life as a stock trader and how you can re-purpose content from one blog.

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EP31: James PM Gaffney | The Law of Averages

James PM Gaffney took a few moments out of his day to chat with me about the law of averages, design and his favorite topic: kerning. You learn something new everyday when you chat with other entrepreneurs; sometimes they aren't your people. If you attribute it to the fact that there is bound to be someone you don't like in a group of people, you know you're in the right place.

Running a profitable business is a big challenge, but when you've been in business for close to 20 years, you listen to what they've got to say. You can connect with James via

In this episode, I mentioned the new community I'm building @Collabs, Convos & Coffee, just talk to people already. 

EP 29: Roby Hartland | How to Get Real Solutions To Your Ideas

It's important to know that many of your entrepreneur friends consistently struggle with the imposter syndrome. They see others being successful but fail to understand what they need to do to get there.

This is why coming up with solutions is KEY. When you continue to ask questions, talk to others, hear what they want, decipher their true intentions, ideas are spawned. In this episode, I chat with Roby Hartland of Post Possible. Between managing a new business, a day job, hanging out with friends and doing good things for good people, Roby is hyper-focused on talking to people and finding out real solutions.

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EP25: Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus | What Competition Can Do For Your Business

If you know movers and shakers in social, then this man's name should be known. He is known as Chris Kubby and has been an influence to many in the digital marketing world. I spoke with Chris on an early Friday morning (wooo time zones!!!) about business, entrepreneurship, what he loves to do when he's not crushing it on social and we talk about one of his recent posts about competition. 

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EP23: Tonya Whittington | It's About Relationships

How often are you asking someone how their day is? Sometimes all takes is having the courage to say hi and forming a new bond. Relationships are key in life both personal and professional.

However, in business, it is all about relationships and forming that bond from the beginning. If they like you, they will work with you. If they trust you, they will pay you for your expertise. In this episode, I chat with Tonya Whittington (Tonya Howes) about making the jump from employee to business owner. We even get into her love for sports and how it brought her to her husband!

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