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What is a Chatbot?

You’ve probably heard the word chatbot for many months now. Or, perhaps you have interacted with one via Facebook Messenger. So what exactly is a chatbot and why should you think about using a chatbot for your business in 2018? Let’s discuss.

Chatbots have been designed to mimic interactions with humans and provide a time-saving solution to business owners like yourself. Do you want to save time? Of course you do! Keep in mind — chatbots shouldn’t take the place of you building solid relationships with your audience, so don’t think of them as that. For small businesses, being authentic and present is very important - a chatbot can’t do that for you!

Why should I use chatbot? Data doesn’t lie.

Chatbots can be used for everyday functions such as customer service, lead generation and increasing engagement. Facebook launched their chatbot interface in 2016 and 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. New chatbots are being introduced all the time that help businesses interact with their customers more efficiently.

Why would a chatbot benefit me? Here are four reasons why.

Growing Your Business – With limited resources, chatbots can service as extensions of a small business’ day-to-day operations. Plus, wouldn’t you like help to find new leads, convert interested parties, and provide the best service to potential customers.

Less Time = Less Money – Chatbots are an affordable means of providing a better customer experience. They don’t take time away from otherwise busy employees and don’t cost much money to use.

Simple – Chatbots are easy for customers to use because they already know Facebook Messenger. You can design a chatbot simply and make their interaction easy.

Staying Fresh – Incorporating chatbots into your small business plan now ensures you’ll be viewed. Don’t be discouraged if your chatbot isn’t what you initially envisioned either, as with technology it is always evolving.

But, remember, don’t let it replace your kick-ass, one-on-one interactions.

How do I use a chatbot for my business? Here are three reasons.

Chatbots can help you be efficient and grow your small business simultaneously.

1. Customer Resource – Chatbots are smarter than you think. Use them as resources on the front line, especially to answer those questions you always get.

2. Increase Engagement – Facebook is always changing their algorithm especially for Business pages, so if Facebook is telling you to use a new feature (chatbots), then listen to them. When Facebook allows businesses to increase customer engagement you should take advantage of that.

3. Answer FAQ – Perhaps the easiest and most popular way to use a chatbot for your small business is to answer the questions you don't have a lot of time to answer. A chatbot loaded with FAQs is effective at providing a simple solution to your day.

Overall, chatbots are very new to the scene. If you incorporate one into your business plan now, you have the opportunity to stand out and spark attention amongst your audience.

Not sure what to do? Start with a basic customer service chatbot that will provide information and save you time. Say hi and start a chat with me👉👉👉