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What if Your Mailing List Had an 80% Click-Through Rate?

Meet Pepper. Who's Pepper? She's my chatbot.

For the past few days, all I've talked about is Chatbots and Messenger Marketing with my marketing friends and business owners!

What if your mailing list had an 80% CTR? I'm so intrigued by this technology that I can't stop thinking about them. You can use chatbots as a sales funnel, or even just brand awareness. Whatever it is, there are a lot of businesses embracing this new technology... Are you?

Did you know that my chatbot open rate is currently pushing 95% and the CTR rate is currently at 100%? WHAT? That's amazing. But, I don't really care about the numbers. I care that people are intrigued just like I am.

A message from your business doesn’t have to focus on sales, but, maybe it allows people to stay engaged with your brand. You can alert people when you post a new blog via an RSS feed. Or if you have a podcast, you can also let people know about NEW episodes via a chatbot.

Keep in mind, it needs to be worth someone's time and attention. Want to get more comfortable with using chatbots? Meet Pepper.