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Let's look at 3 trends for 2018 that will help you organize your digital marketing goals for the new year.

 1. Robust Social Analytics

Social Media ROI is not strictly transactional but more about the relationships you build via your social media channels. With access to robust social analytics in 2018, it signals more opportunity for companies to personalize the content they are providing.

Nobody likes content that's irrelevant to the brand’s story. This is especially true when you're interacting with a brand you know and love -- the last thing you want is a piece of generic content. In fact, nearly 3 out of 4 of us get frustrated when content isn't relevant to our interests

Improved personalization for audiences is a major trend in content marketing, and it extends to social media, too. As social platforms evolve, their analytics tools and business-specific features will become more detailed and valuable to brands.

This kind of data means brands will have the insights to craft better and more personalized content for their audiences. It's past time for marketers to be distributing content that truly speaks to and engages audiences on a personal level; social media and analytics will help make that easier. Try out @SproutSocial (my referral link) to get access to robust analytics tools.

2. Multi-channel Overlap

Timed visual content is the main feature of Snapchat and Instagram - however, the main points of differentiation between these two platforms are audience and reach. Instagram Stories has a significantly wider reach and receives more engagement; especially with links and polls now being added to the Instastory features. Instagram influencers see up to 10 percent of their audience members open their Instagram Stories on a daily basis, which is more than can be said for Snapchat.

In addition, Snapchat dominates with younger generations.

Invest in the platforms that will benefit you. Take advantage of analytics and reporting features to identify which platforms could offer you the best return, and start there. (See above regarding social media analytics)

3. Social Listening

It is well-known amongst digital marketers that your brand is not what you say about your brand, but, what your audience is saying. This includes keeping an eye on your competitors and learning from them. You should already be tracking what kind of content your competition is posting on social media. But for 2018, make sure you monitor their mentions and what people are saying about them.

- Make a list of your competitors for monitoring and awareness
- Carve out a time each week to monitor what the industry is saying to stay ahead
- Speak from your heart

Social listening can give you valuable information about your competitors' performance and your own audience that you can use to your advantage in your content strategy.

#HowTo Optimize Images for Social Networks

Every social channel has a different way of displaying visual content. In fact, they change the specifications sometimes without notifying users directly on the app. Depending on the channel, some have restrictions, while others require their users adhere to specific dimensions.

As a user, have you ever seen a horizontal image shared on someone’s Instastory requiring you to turn your phone sideways? Not what we expect, right? Understanding these expectations boosts the experience and can spark the attention of your target audience.


On Instagram, you have the option of using a square image or expanding the image to display in landscape format. If you’re designing social images outside of Instagram, make sure they’re at least 900 pixels wide to avoid posting blurry images.

Image quality won’t be affected if you were to use a large image file because Instagram resizes the image for the device it’s being viewed on. Your brand should look professional so be sure to review the quality of the image after its posted. 

Facebook, Google+ and YouTube

When in doubt, always choose a horizontal image. To be exact, you want your images to be 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall or any 16:9 aspect ratio. This is the same aspect ratio used for your smart TVs at home. 

A sample 16:9 aspect ratio image.

A sample 16:9 aspect ratio image.

Wide images have a sophisticated look because our eyes are accustomed to it — think of professional photographs and television shows. 

On Google+ (yes, you should be posting on Google if you’re a local business), wider images can take up to two columns, giving your posts more exposure. Liken this to placing a giant billboard right in the middle to gain the attention of your audience.

Wide landscape images are also perfect for YouTube video thumbnails (you’re making thumbnails for your YouTube videos, right?) making them the most versatile social images.

Using this aspect ratio for images, you can effectively reuse one visual across multiple social networks. But, like I mentioned, be sure to check the appearance of these image after you posted them. Social channels can adjust their dimensions without notice and it’s always a good rule of thumb to DOUBLE-CHECK your work.

Finally, remember that bigger is always better when it comes to image quality. The channels you are posting on have gotten very smart and will resize your images for optimal viewing. However, if your image is too small and needs to be enlarged, there will be a significant loss in image quality. Don’t be known for blurry posts on your business profiles.

If you’d like to learn more about what strategy would work best for your brand, send me a message. 

Why You Need To Woo 'Em With Vids

You've been told about video marketing for over a year now, so now's the time to add video marketing to your marketing strategy if you haven't already.

Hubspot declared that by the end of 2017, video content will represent 74% of all Internet traffic.

You might be wondering, why are social media marketers like myself and digital media people telling you this? Well it's due to reduced attention spans. Consumption of content is on overload and video allows you to capture your audience's attention swiftly and before they move on to the next part of their day.  

If you don't believe me, Animoto, a leading video marketing company, conducted a survey almost 2 years and over two-thirds of the marketers and small business owners said that "video marketing had a direct impact on their business." 

So if you're not already thinking about how to woo your audience with videos, then now is the time. 2017.

If you'd like to explore ways to implement video into your marketing strategy, tweet me and we'll talk about your goals.