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Why To Implement Influencer Strategy In Your Digital Strategy

In the last year alone, influencer marketing saw a substantial growth - a 198 percent increase! Are you implementing influencer marketing into your digital strategy? Let me review what influencer marketing can do your business.

Add a personal touch

There are many instances when a brand lacks a personal touch and utilizes people to connect with people. Financial firms do this when they depict a story of a family renovating their home or taking a long vacation. In order to connect people to people, brands are looking to connect with influencers who are well-known. NOTE: Please consult Federal Trade Commission regulations if you are a financial firm and before you agree to work with an influencer.

Demonstrate your core values

Most successful brands have philanthropic sides to their business. However they fail to depict that in their digital marketing strategy because they don't know how or they're just lost what to do. Partnering with an influencer can communicate information in a way that is relatable to your target audience.


If you notice that an influencer is advocating for your brand, flip that into a partnership that makes sense for your business AND the influencer. That will not other authenticate your brand to their following but it will be a result of genuine support. Fashion and music brands utilize this strategy regularly on Instagram. However, it can be utilized on any social media platform including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Influencer marketing is no longer just paying someone to market your product, it has become an opportunity to be unique and deliver value to a built-in audience.

Who is your ideal influencer? Need help figuring out how to implement this into your digital strategy? Let's chat.

EP20: You Ask Me #allthequestions

It's my birthday and I recorded this special episode where YOU asked me questions - some were super difficult to answer because I never really thought about the answers. In this episode, I answered 20 questions - ranging from simple questions about eggs to sharing my failures. You'll have to listen to the entire episode to hear the answers. There are some elements I reference in this episode so I shared links below. If you submitted a question, this was a challenge for me at times so thank you for challenging me.

Here are the 20 questions:

If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?

What are some good tips for staying focused during the summer when there are so many distractions? I use Google Keep and Google Calendar to time-block my calendar.

Which social network is the most consequential for makers? Is it essential to run a fully functional independent site?

Why has social media seen to a divisive debate instead of an inclusive one?

Is it merely a product of its environment, or a natural bi-product / fallout of sharing ideas or reactions in real time?

Can you share your favorite book, movie or tv show this year and what you love about that selection? This is the book that I mentioned The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*** by Mark Manson

How you came up with the name Bicoastal Panda? I referenced this video when I answered this question.

What's your advice for (and against) starting a podcast? You'll have to listen to the entire answer but I referenced getting proper microphone... This microphone is QUALITY. 

What inspires you each day to do what you do? I referenced my Twitter tribe but this a link to the chat I met Winnie in: #WinnieSun Twitter Chat

How do you see social media evolving in the next couple of years?

How can we prepare for those changes?

Who is your dream client and why? @HowardConyers

When did you decide to jump in and do social media management full time? 

What's been your best way to acquire new clients?

Bacon and eggs? Or chicken and waffles? How to Make A Proper Over-Medium Egg

What lead you to start your own social media company?

What aspect of your business do you struggle with most?

What's your biggest failure you've experienced in life that has taught you the most valuable lesson?

What has surprised you the most about the realities of podcasting?


If you could change one aspect of social media what would it be? 

That was fun; Being open and vulnerable with these questions was different.   Want to submit your own question for a future episode? Go here.


Part Deux: Social Media Trends for 2018

Let's jump right in to what's trending for the new year!

Video, Video, Video and going LIVE

If you haven’t included Video in your digital strategy, now is the time. You’ve heard this over and over. Get on Facebook Live or post videos to your social platforms — and I’m not talking about long 5-minute videos either.

Everyone in small business should know that video content is popular and, therefore, important for brands. Why? Because it helps generate engagement and builds your following. I mentioned last month that social algorithms keep updating and showing the value of engagement, thus, video will only grow more valuable for your business.

Here’s what I’m seeing in my Sprout Social analytics, videos on Facebook receive higher engagement; I see more people commenting on them, and they get more likes and more shares. Ok, sure you don’t want to get on video… but sometimes you just have to do it. 2018 is the perfect time to start.

You can't deny how good video is at engaging audiences, even if it’s on your personal profile ——people tune in.

Thinking of another way to add video value to your digital strategy? Instagram's Stories feature and Snapchat's entire platform also gives you the chance to create video content and share it immediately.

With everything that is trending in digital strategy, video is only becoming more important. Having the ability to create that kind of content -- and the strategy to tie it to your written content for your blog and outside publications -- will be critical for 2018.

And another one...

Facebook is becoming almost entirely mobile; time to update your Business Page.

“It is predicted that 59 percent of U.S. users will access Facebook through mobile exclusively.” What does this mean for your business? 

Facebook was one of the last social media platforms that wasn't really designed from the beginning to be on mobile. Looking at popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat, we've seen the trend of mobile-only (or mostly mobile) social apps for a while.

You’re right, mobile optimization has been an industry best practice for savvy marketers  (like myself!) for a while. However, Facebook trends are pushing more and more businesses to create or distribute content that is optimized for a mobile device.

So, have you looked at your Business page from your mobile device? Are your services or products prominently displayed. Can your cover photo be read clearly?

A chatbot will make customer service easier for you

Instant connection, internet access and even Amazon Prime shipping have conditioned many to want things yesterday or, when that's not possible, in the next five minutes.

I know you’re guilty of thinking “Respond now or else” when you’re scheduling a meeting.

(side note: I’m awaiting a new connection to confirm a meeting with me and I’m writing this at the same time)

Unfortunately, I've seen this prompt a lot of small businesses to do one of two things: respond too quickly without proper thought OR ignore the message all together because they're not quite sure how to meet the demand. An ignored message can be detrimental to the long-term relationship a customer has with the business

That's part of what makes the new trend of chatbots -- especially through Facebook Messenger -- so valuable. Chatbots allow you to interact quickly with your audience in a way that feels comfortable. Also, you can customize your automated message OR send personalized content directly to users. In September, there were at least100,000 monthly active bots on Facebook Messenger. More evidence that businesses are exchanging messages with their audiences at an alarming rate.

 If you aren't already, 2018 might be the year to start using chatbots for your business. Even if it’s just to have a message that you’ll get back to them at a convenient time. Block out that time on your schedule to respond and make sure that’s clear in your message.

There are so many ways to connect with your audience, create & distribute better content, and build your business online. We're just about 30 days away from 2018, so what are you planning for?

Let's chat about your digital strategy!


Let's look at 3 trends for 2018 that will help you organize your digital marketing goals for the new year.

 1. Robust Social Analytics

Social Media ROI is not strictly transactional but more about the relationships you build via your social media channels. With access to robust social analytics in 2018, it signals more opportunity for companies to personalize the content they are providing.

Nobody likes content that's irrelevant to the brand’s story. This is especially true when you're interacting with a brand you know and love -- the last thing you want is a piece of generic content. In fact, nearly 3 out of 4 of us get frustrated when content isn't relevant to our interests

Improved personalization for audiences is a major trend in content marketing, and it extends to social media, too. As social platforms evolve, their analytics tools and business-specific features will become more detailed and valuable to brands.

This kind of data means brands will have the insights to craft better and more personalized content for their audiences. It's past time for marketers to be distributing content that truly speaks to and engages audiences on a personal level; social media and analytics will help make that easier. Try out @SproutSocial (my referral link) to get access to robust analytics tools.

2. Multi-channel Overlap

Timed visual content is the main feature of Snapchat and Instagram - however, the main points of differentiation between these two platforms are audience and reach. Instagram Stories has a significantly wider reach and receives more engagement; especially with links and polls now being added to the Instastory features. Instagram influencers see up to 10 percent of their audience members open their Instagram Stories on a daily basis, which is more than can be said for Snapchat.

In addition, Snapchat dominates with younger generations.

Invest in the platforms that will benefit you. Take advantage of analytics and reporting features to identify which platforms could offer you the best return, and start there. (See above regarding social media analytics)

3. Social Listening

It is well-known amongst digital marketers that your brand is not what you say about your brand, but, what your audience is saying. This includes keeping an eye on your competitors and learning from them. You should already be tracking what kind of content your competition is posting on social media. But for 2018, make sure you monitor their mentions and what people are saying about them.

- Make a list of your competitors for monitoring and awareness
- Carve out a time each week to monitor what the industry is saying to stay ahead
- Speak from your heart

Social listening can give you valuable information about your competitors' performance and your own audience that you can use to your advantage in your content strategy.

What Can Landing Pages Be Used For?

Are you launching a special event? Have a new business initiative that you want to roll out to your existing audience? Landing pages are a simple solution to your overall marketing strategy. Let us explore how a landing page can benefit your brand.

First off, you may offer a variety of services or products and want to venture into a new territory. Landing pages can gauge interest and give you data into what your customers are paying attention to. A well-known clothing and art brand local to San Diego utilized a landing page to announce a new venture and generate buzz as they counted down to launch. It was easier and effective to create a landing page for the existing audience and gather email addresses from those who were interested. Also, their audience may not have been subscribed to the existing email list. 

This company was kind to share key metrics for their landing page. “With 413 page visits in a span of 5 days, we received 28 conversions. That’s a 6.7% success rate," the company's owner said. While these metrics apply to an organic promotion, the success rate is reflective of a well-established brand. They had generated buzz through the owner’s Facebook profile and their Instagram page.

Landing Page Example from All The Social's website.

Landing Page Example from All The Social's website.

Another thing to consider is that landing pages must be flexible. If they require a complete overhaul of your website, it becomes more of a pain to adjust them to reflect your marketing goals. Third party tools that allow you to create a landing page including tracking metrics and data storage is a solution to explore. 

Lastly, don’t overthink what you want on your landing page. Once a user has reached your landing page, it should be pretty clear what needs to be done. Whether it’s completing a form, downloading an app or buying a product from your website, do not overcomplicate it. If you make it easier for the customer, your conversions will reflect that.

Don’t be afraid to go the landing page route, be clear and understand how to measure success.