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EP39: Warwick Brown | Little Lessons From All The Little Journeys

Have you ever felt like you keep coming to a crossroads in your journey? Almost everyone I have spoke to about their side hustle/entrepreneurial journey has said that the journey hasn't been easy. However, if you're learning from each stage of your journey whether it is to re-invent yourself or invest your energy into something new, many of us have been there. I spoke with Warwick Brown in Episode 39 and he shared with me some insight into what it is like to build credibility along your journey and how we all struggle with the quest for perfection. You can follow Warwick Brown on Twitter here or connect with him on Facebook.

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EP37: Gene Petrov | How Investing In Relationships Can Help You Grow Your Business

Have you ever made a friend online? Did that happen because you invested your time and energy in getting to know the other person? I'd say yes. In this episode, I chat with Gene Petrov about investing in people to help grow his brand, his personal struggles and balancing dad life with work life. 

Gene Petrov, a leadership marketing coach, is an avid-Twitter user on #TwitterSmarter chat and the #winniesun weekly chats. Listen in to his thoughts about entrepreneurship and recognizing when it was time to turn his life around.

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EP36: Jessica Lee | Say Yes To New Experiences

In this episode, I chat with Jessica Lee of NVENN Hair & Beauty Bar about following your dreams and finding your true calling. Without experiencing new things and meeting people, it is easy to get caught up in the mundane tasks of running a business. Having run a successful beauty business out of Edmonton, Jessica talks about how living her life according to what her passions are, her motivations are has been fulfilling despite all the unconventional obstacles that have come her way.

Listen in as we chat about doing what YOU love and finding that balance between work & play.

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EP35: Brad A. Milford | How To Avoid Shiny Objects When Scaling Your Business

Life sometimes brings people to you when you need them most. Brad A. Milford is one of those people. When you're thinking about scaling your business to the next level but you keep getting distracted by the shiny objects it can really take a toll on your business. In this episode, I chat with Brad about building brilliance and aligning yourself with the roles that work for you personally and professionally. Check out his page on Facebook, Build Brilliance.

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EP34: Christian Rivera | How To Use MTBI to Build A Stronger You

Do you know how your personality type affects your personal and professional relationships? Is this something that is important to you? In this episode, I chat about how your MTBI Training

Christian Rivera, a professional at all the things including multimedia design, MTBI training, and podcasting. We chatted a lot about MTBI personality types and how that affects your personal and professional life. Listen in and gain insight from him as he details how to approach people with different personality types.

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