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What if Your Mailing List Had an 80% Click-Through Rate?

Meet Pepper. Who's Pepper? She's my chatbot.

For the past few days, all I've talked about is Chatbots and Messenger Marketing with my marketing friends and business owners!

What if your mailing list had an 80% CTR? I'm so intrigued by this technology that I can't stop thinking about them. You can use chatbots as a sales funnel, or even just brand awareness. Whatever it is, there are a lot of businesses embracing this new technology... Are you?

Did you know that my chatbot open rate is currently pushing 95% and the CTR rate is currently at 100%? WHAT? That's amazing. But, I don't really care about the numbers. I care that people are intrigued just like I am.

A message from your business doesn’t have to focus on sales, but, maybe it allows people to stay engaged with your brand. You can alert people when you post a new blog via an RSS feed. Or if you have a podcast, you can also let people know about NEW episodes via a chatbot.

Keep in mind, it needs to be worth someone's time and attention. Want to get more comfortable with using chatbots? Meet Pepper.

Messenger Marketing Is On Fire - Is It Right For My Business?

I talked about chatbots in January, and well, after talking to many SMMW18 attendees and listening to the keynote panel from ManyChat and ChatFuel, it is confirmed that Messenger Marketing is here to stay! 

If you’re reading this post, I hope it's because you still have questions about chatbots and you're quietly wondering: 

Will it help me to actually sell more?

What if my customers aren’t on Messenger?

What is the point of a chatbot - I thought we needed to be more human?

Social media changes quickly, it's important to remain ahead of the curve. You may find that a chatbot does not serve your customers, that's fine. What if it saved you some time and money in the grand scheme of running your business day-to-day? What if it added an element to your brand that providing some valuable peer-to-peer marketing. 

I'm here to give you more info on why I think Messenger Marketing is good for business!

First...the stats. Don't think people are using Facebook Messenger? Well, 1.3 billion people will tell you differently. This number is on the rise and that's not the number of users... That means ACTIVE users.

Just about every industry is represented on Facebook Messenger so it's important to start thinking about your strategy - whether it be real estate, education, manufacturing, etc.

Need more proof? According to recent data, 2 billion (yes..BILLION!) messages are being sent from people to businesses each month! This is a sign that people are using Facebook chat conversations to communicate with the brands they love - or maybe they have a customer issue, either way they are communicating via chat.

Remember the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor that is mentioned all the time? Well here’s another stat for you - 53% of people who message businesses say they are more than likely to shop with a business if they can reach them on Messenger.

Imagine this scenario… once they’ve gotten used to sending a message to a business in Messenger, they’re probably going to like it (or love it!). Email? Call? Maybe some people will still do this… but messaging a business turns out to be more convenient.

As of last month, Manychat (a leading chatbot builder) said that "there are over 100,000 monthly active chatbots on Messenger." Are you still curious if Messenger Marketing is right for your business?


Messenger, as a means to communicate, is exploding in popularity - businesses both small to large are thinking about how to integrate this into their digital strategy. Click to tweet this.

If you want to get started with Messenger Marketing, schedule a free call with me and we’ll define how to implement a bot for your business.