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EP38: Kay Richardson | Do You Know What Problem You're Solving

In this week's episode, we talk about a very key component to starting a business or taking on a new service. Do you know what problem you're solving? Kay Richardson of Clients Who Say Yes talks to me about helping people understand the problem they are solving, envisioning what is in store for you as an entrepreneur and constantly learning every day.

Her inspirational story of getting pregnant at a young age and continuing to work as an entrepreneur for the last 15 years is one I'm happy to share with you.

Visit @IdeaIgnitor to connect with Kay.

You can reach Marisa Cali @allthesocial and check out @bicoastalpanda for additional episodes

EP35: Brad A. Milford | How To Avoid Shiny Objects When Scaling Your Business

Life sometimes brings people to you when you need them most. Brad A. Milford is one of those people. When you're thinking about scaling your business to the next level but you keep getting distracted by the shiny objects it can really take a toll on your business. In this episode, I chat with Brad about building brilliance and aligning yourself with the roles that work for you personally and professionally. Check out his page on Facebook, Build Brilliance.

You know how to connect with me @allthesocial and here's the link to the #pandaposse gear I mentioned on the episode.

EP31: James PM Gaffney | The Law of Averages

James PM Gaffney took a few moments out of his day to chat with me about the law of averages, design and his favorite topic: kerning. You learn something new everyday when you chat with other entrepreneurs; sometimes they aren't your people. If you attribute it to the fact that there is bound to be someone you don't like in a group of people, you know you're in the right place.

Running a profitable business is a big challenge, but when you've been in business for close to 20 years, you listen to what they've got to say. You can connect with James via

In this episode, I mentioned the new community I'm building @Collabs, Convos & Coffee, just talk to people already.