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EP 32: Dave Rynne | It's Never Too Late To Re-Invent Yourself

I'm back after a mini-break from the podcast, you may notice a new cover design ...or maybe you won't. 

When I sat down to talk with Dave Rynne, we talked about his life as an entrepreneur and re-inventing the idea that you can start a new path later in your life. We hear about his family life, his past life as a stock trader and how you can re-purpose content from one blog.

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Podcast Tips from the Trenches

It has been over a month since #SMMW18, you may or may not have seen the recaps I've provided. I wanted to review the Tips from the Trenches with Jordan Harbinger session in today's blog. 


1. Jordan says that you shouldn't have FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] syndrome if you are not getting as many downloads as other people's show when you’re first starting out. It's easy to feel bad about your show, especially when you're first starting out, but, it’s normal. His advice: Don't wait until it's perfect; just do it and get more comfortable.

2. Focus on quality of the content because people have so many options and if content is similar they will move on to the next shiny thing. People will identify with funny host, a host who keeps it interesting and real. When your audience is paying attention to the host and the content, you’ve got them hooked. Important takeaway: Summary: "Be as good as you can be"

3. It’s important to do more shows at the beginning because as you do more you will get better. [Side note: I know this for a fact.] Create and produce a bunch of stuff that you will perfect over time because when you’re doing enough quantity the quality will come.

4. This may be the most valuable nugget of information from this session. You need to give people free stuff, so good that they want more. If it makes them look for you after they’ve digested your free stuff, it’s because of the value you gave them. Jordan reminds us: “Everyone's hip to the funnel".

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