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EP16: Melodie Mills | Making Mistakes and Learning From Them

How many times have you made a mistake and dwelled on it too long to get caught up what you did wrong vs. what can you learn from the mishap? I chatted with Melodie about this very thing along with everyday things, including business, working for yourself, the wins, the struggles and even vulnerability. Strong women can sometimes be weak, but, we need to give off a vibe that we're all in it together.

You can visit Melodie's website here, but, catch us both at #SMMW19 in March 2019!

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5 Tools To Make Solopreneur Life Easier

How much time do you spend on your business? I often get asked this question when talking with other creatives, aspiring entrepreneurs, business coaches etc. I put together a list of 5 tools that can make your life easier because wearing all the hats of your business can be overwhelming. Sharing this info can help a seasoned vet or someone who's just starting out, so share it with your friends and tag me!

It's almost tax season? If you're like me, you've been doing taxes and checking your books all year round. There's one reason for that - Quickbooks for Self-Employed. This tool is affordable for solopreneurs and allows you to classify your transactions making filing your taxes easier. Click here to get 50% off for the first 6 months - that's only $5 per month!

Tip: Here's a list of deductions that may apply to your business.

Want more tools? Here are some more tools for you to use and help you make life as a solopreneur easier:


WOW! What an amazing resource for conferences and professional events in your area! Going on a vacation and have some free time to go to a professional networking mixer? Check out Lanyrd.


Contracts protect you and protect your clients. Don't be afraid of them! If you use Docusign to send and sign contracts, you'll have all your contracts in one place if you ever need them. Try it out!

G Suite

Most people already know about this tool, but Chromebooks and ability to convert and edit Microsoft Office documents make Google Drive (and accompanying Docs and Sheets) the best tool you can use to organize your business meetings and documents. Also, you can collaborate and share documents with your clients, freelancers or employees - and not with your email address.

Use code: Y63PJDAQ9EPFG7C to get 20% off your first year of G Suite Business.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

If you're like me, you love to travel. Travel expenses can add up and cause you to skip out on time away from your business because all you can think about is work, work, work. My advice: Plan time away from your business and come back refreshed and ready to work! Want to earn travel miles while you spend dollars on your business. Here's a list of credit cards that offer travel points: Travel Credit Cards

Do you have any tools that help you manage your business more efficiently? Let me know.