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Athletes Using Today's Media To Promote Their Brand

There is much to write about when it comes to the sports world, but, let's dig deeper into the people that push the sports world to the forefront of everyday conversation. Athletes. 

Whether or not you're a student-athlete or just getting started in the world of sports, you probably think about how you can improve your game and get the right people looking at you -- on the field. Has the thought about what methods of communication you can use to build your brand and get people to see you? Maybe not. In some cases, the talent speaks for itself. But, let's explore the topic of personal branding when it comes to sports.

Frances Reimers, from Firestarter, is a consultant that specializes in advising small business and athletes develop their own personal brand. "Whether you’re an amateur, superstar, or anything in-between, it’s vital that you develop and control your own narrative." This thought needs to happen before you even think about putting your idea in front of the masses.

As is the case for various marketing professionals in the sports world, it is important to control your message.  Social media platforms such as MySpace in the early 2000s and Facebook shortly thereafter were at the forefront of personal brand marketing. But, most people didn't think of them as tools to market themselves, they were used for (and still are) fun. "I became obsessed with figuring out what kinds of—and how much—content the average person would need to raise his or her overall visibility."

While Reimers has no notable sports career to speak of, Reimers has always been drawn to sports and athletes. "I love the passion, the pageantry, and the business of sports. Despite my lack of athletic prowess, I am extremely competitive, so I feel a connection to players and their dedication to their craft."

Having the ability to control your brand? This is almost unheard of years past. Your persona was dictated by the coverage you received and connections you made in the industry. But, Reimers believes that athletes have much more power nowadays with how media has changed. "(Media has) an important impact on a person’s ability to obtain endorsements, negotiate better contracts, and strengthen his or her celebrity post-athletic career.

Can you over-share when it comes to pushing your brand? Definitely. Having a good balance between showcasing your personality as well as your talents is a recipe for great marketing. Especially, when it comes to athletes or sports marketing professionals. If you

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