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EP07: Nice To Meet You #SMMW18

#SMMW18 week is here and I chatted with 4 ladies who will be there this year. We talked about the conference, what's new in social media and what to look forward to at SMMW18! Our goal was to connect prior to the conference and you'll listen in on our call which was a lot of fun! My lovely guests included SMMW18 newbies Myown Holmes (@sociallypolished) and Lisa Little (Lisa on Facebook) as well as Reagan Burns (@limecreative_us) and Karie Price (@karieprice).

Information on Social Media Marketing World 2018 can be followed @SMExaminer.
I'll be posting on my Twitter about #SMMW18 so check me out there @allthesocial!

EP06: Say Bye To Your 9-to-5

Have you ever thought about quitting your boring, mundane job to pursue your passion? In this episode, I chat with Lavonne Scott, catering and event planning maven, of Sage Bleu Catering about preparing to work for yourself and what works for her. Her best advice is to "write it down" and keep yourself accountable. 

You can follow Lavonne on Instagram or visit her website for more information.


EP05: Get Your Mind Right

In this week's episode, I want to share with you my chat with Luciana Naldi. Her energy is infectious, you can feel her energy in her posts and you'll hear it in our chat. Having the right mindset when you work for yourself is so key.

We talk about how self-care affects you and your business. She is a full-time mom and Self-Care Strategist and Coach; for more information on Luciana, check out her website

Also, I set up an Instagram for the pod @thebbpod, you can find it by searching the hashtag #TheBBPod or clicking above. Give me a follow and let me know what you want to chat about.

EP04: Down With The Rebrand

Are you down with the re-branding? In this episode I talk about how All The Social came about, pivoting from my original business name. I give you some tips on what to think about when it comes to re-branding your business and talk with fellow techie Vanessa Miranda from GirlsinTechSD. 

Girls in Tech exists for anyone with an interest in technology, startups and providing women with a platform for growth. They operate with the spirit of the girl within all of us—fearless, lively and determined. For more information, visit Girls in Tech San Diego.

Hit me up on Twitter @allthesocial for all the info on how to get in contact with me. 


EP03: Person Behind The Brand

Don't be afraid to show yourself, talk about things that you're passionate about, because, you never know who will resonate with you. Who's behind your brand and showing your true self can help you thrive in business, especially when you're working for yourself. In this episode, I talk to Mary Fain Brandt, a LinkedIn strategy specialist who will provide fabulous bite-sized tips for personal brands and small businesses so you don't get overwhelmed.