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EP11: My Chat with InfluencerTony

Do you have excuses when you want to create something? InfluencerTony tells you to "just start now" and I agree with him. In this episode, you'll hear Tony's story about what motivates him and how he wants to motivate others with his #90Vids90Days project. Look for his videos on YouTube and tweet with him @InfluencerTony - then maybe he'll even tell you about the music he's creating.

I'll be participating in more Twitter chats this week so come hang out with me, @allthesocial.

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How To Mute Audio in iMovie

How do I remove music from my videos in iMovie?  Many videos pick up background music from your camera and trigger YouTube’s Content ID tool.

In today’s edition of How To Tuesday, let’s look at how to mute background music in iMovie.

First, you will need to locate the media file that contains the copyrighted music. If you’ve filmed a video in public or inside a building with background music playing, YouTube’s Content ID tool can pick that up even if you didn’t intend to include it in your video. Once you’ve found the section you need to mute, select the AUDIO tab and then click on the NO AUDIO or MUTE button.  Watch the video below to see what I'm talking about.

If you’ve filmed with yourself facing the camera and loud music playing in the background, be mindful of that sound when you’re editing. Don’t want a silent video? Use voiceover files or a lapel mic hooked up to your camera.

Helpful Tips:

- Add subtitles to your video to make sure your video’s message is clear.
- Include royalty-free or original music to your video you can ensure your video won’t be flagged by YouTube.

To read more about YouTube’s Content ID tool, visit


How do I remove music from my personal videos? Many cameras pick up background music from your video and trigger YouTube's Content ID tool. In today's edition of How To Tuesday, let's look at how to mute background music in iMovie. Subscribe for more how-to videos and tips on social media marketing in a digital world.
How To Be More Like Darth Vader With Video

Darth Vader plays the role of the cold, unfriendly bad guy in the Star Wars trilogy. Now why would you want to be anything like him on social media, in particular video? It’s because video is becoming more and more Bloomberg recently published an article stating that Fox Sports was headed towards more video content. What does that mean for you? You need to do the same. More video. Specifically, “Fox is opting to divert those resources into producing online video that complements on-air shows and has the potential to go viral on social media.” Now if we look at Darth Vader’s behavior, you can emulate him when thinking about your social video strategy.

Vader's three distinct behaviors are: extroversion, agreeableness and opennesss. Let’s examine how you can use these traits to be better on camera.

Extroversion: Similar to Vader's tendency not to be the most sociable person he becomes very talkative especially when dealing with the rebels throughout the trilogy. Recently, a research team at the University of Alabama performed a study on people's motivation for using Instagram. After surveying over 200 undergraduate students on how often they use Instagram,  36 percent of them said because "they want to know what their friends or favorite brand are doing".  Now, what are you doing behind the scenes that you can share with your followers in a live video? If you're more "talkative" on social, you show your audience who you are and what you're about. It may not be comfortable at first, but, as your audience knows more about you they gain your loyalty and want to support you over and over.

Bloomberg recently published an article stating that Fox Sports was headed towards more video content. What does that mean for you? You need to do the same. More video.

Agreeableness: Now you might be thinking that Vader is far from being agreeable. His cunning and evil spirit might not be anything you want to represent with your brand. Well, let's not forget during one of the final scenes of Return of the Jedi he sees his son in pain and comes to his aid by killing the Emperor and sacrificing himself. This action shows that he has some warmth inside his cold, dark exterior. If you're a kind and considerate brand on social, it will reflect in the audience you attract. Showcase this side of your brand with visual elements that highlight customers or conversations with your audience on a regular basis.

Openness: Darth Vader was once trained by the Jedi and then was open to new experiences that differed from what he knew. Don't be afraid of change and be yourself. With the ever changing social media landscape, it is difficult to finalize every detail of your social media presence down to the content of video you want to share. If you focus more on being yourself, your brand becomes more trustworthy and authentic. Sell yourself not what you sell.

So when you're stuck on strategy, just remind yourself to be like Darth Vader and give thanks to George Lucas. Without Lucas, we wouldn't get inspiration from a villain that was so uniquely evil and good at the same time.

Why You Need To Woo 'Em With Vids

You've been told about video marketing for over a year now, so now's the time to add video marketing to your marketing strategy if you haven't already.

Hubspot declared that by the end of 2017, video content will represent 74% of all Internet traffic.

You might be wondering, why are social media marketers like myself and digital media people telling you this? Well it's due to reduced attention spans. Consumption of content is on overload and video allows you to capture your audience's attention swiftly and before they move on to the next part of their day.  

If you don't believe me, Animoto, a leading video marketing company, conducted a survey almost 2 years and over two-thirds of the marketers and small business owners said that "video marketing had a direct impact on their business." 

So if you're not already thinking about how to woo your audience with videos, then now is the time. 2017.

If you'd like to explore ways to implement video into your marketing strategy, tweet me and we'll talk about your goals.