EP35: Brad A. Milford | How To Avoid Shiny Objects When Scaling Your Business

Life sometimes brings people to you when you need them most. Brad A. Milford is one of those people. When you're thinking about scaling your business to the next level but you keep getting distracted by the shiny objects it can really take a toll on your business. In this episode, I chat with Brad about building brilliance and aligning yourself with the roles that work for you personally and professionally. Check out his page on Facebook, Build Brilliance.

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EP34: Christian Rivera | How To Use MTBI to Build A Stronger You

Do you know how your personality type affects your personal and professional relationships? Is this something that is important to you? In this episode, I chat about how your MTBI Training

Christian Rivera, a professional at all the things including multimedia design, MTBI training, and podcasting. We chatted a lot about MTBI personality types and how that affects your personal and professional life. Listen in and gain insight from him as he details how to approach people with different personality types.

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EP 33: Karina Pardus | Why Personal Growth Is Important For Business

Two weeks in a row, the podcast is back in full swing and in this episode, I chat with Karina Pardus about music, personal growth, community and finding what works for most entrepreneurs in business. Karina has been creating brand audio for over 10 years and has her own composing company called Coy Compositions.

We start by discussing how music is important to a company's brand and what emotions can be detected when our brains process music. Then, we move on to shifting in business and how recognizing our personal growth is a priority in business. You can check out Karina's music on her YouTube channel and connect with her on Facebook.

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EP 32: Dave Rynne | It's Never Too Late To Re-Invent Yourself

I'm back after a mini-break from the podcast, you may notice a new cover design ...or maybe you won't. 

When I sat down to talk with Dave Rynne, we talked about his life as an entrepreneur and re-inventing the idea that you can start a new path later in your life. We hear about his family life, his past life as a stock trader and how you can re-purpose content from one blog.

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EP31: James PM Gaffney | The Law of Averages

James PM Gaffney took a few moments out of his day to chat with me about the law of averages, design and his favorite topic: kerning. You learn something new everyday when you chat with other entrepreneurs; sometimes they aren't your people. If you attribute it to the fact that there is bound to be someone you don't like in a group of people, you know you're in the right place.

Running a profitable business is a big challenge, but when you've been in business for close to 20 years, you listen to what they've got to say. You can connect with James via jamespmgaffney.com.

In this episode, I mentioned the new community I'm building @Collabs, Convos & Coffee, just talk to people already.