Bicoastal Panda

I am avid podcast listener... some of the podcasts I listen to inspire me to continue on this path of mine. So, one day while I was off in my brainstorming world, I thought it'd be cool to have a podcast of my own. I launched my first episode in January 2018 under a different name. You'll hear the first 9 episodes under that name. A podcast where I could share my story, share other people's stories and highlight others who have done the hard work. As a creative, I got obsessed with creating this new project of mine. I went through a few iterations of a name, topics I'd discuss and eventually, I decided to make the change to Bicoastal Panda in mid-March. Still early and still focused on the quiet strength, heart-centered energy, calm determination of others. I wanted other people to demonstrate their ability to take time to reach their goals.

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Whether you're building your brand, want to make the best first impression possible or you just like to connect with interesting and determined people, listen to the Bicoastal Panda podcast where you’ll hear stories from those who have done the hard work and "meet" people who strive towards their goals on social media every day.