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Are you tired of swapping a lot of time without having clear direction when it comes to social media?

Our big-picture approach and skill set is a combination of heart and a whole lot of brains so that your business will benefit. We love data, we love tech and we love staying on top of the latest social media trends to keep your business growing. 

Most companies don’t fail because they aren't skilled in their industry. They fail because they don’t get traction, their online presence is lacking, they don't attract the right talent to grow their business and they fail to build upon existing relationships who already trust them. CEOs must find ways to leverage the power of social media as a means to bring their business to life in the digital age and connect with customers, investors and employees.

Social media is the crux of a successful marketing strategy, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t have a chance.

Social media is more than just a witty catchphrase, memes, and pretty graphics. Here at All The Social, we know it takes a gifted passion for educating your audience, a deep knowledge of your target audience, an unwavering commitment to data, nurturing relationships and a strong commitment in the products or services being sold to succeed. 

What is a social media strategy?

Defining the strategy on how your business will leverage social media to achieve its communications aims and the content, channels and tools it will use to achieve this. At a basic level, it requires communicating the intent, outlining the business goals and measurable data while using social media, and the desired outcomes you want to achieve.

A detailed plan of action will then allow us to prioritize the actions of our team whether it’s refining your online profiles or developing consistent content. Social media needs to be working in parallel with other business operations.


What Investment Are You Making in Social Media Strategy?
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Why do I need a strategy?

If posting on social media is just a checkbox to mark off your to-do list, then you’re doing it wrong. A defined strategy is an integral part of your business operations that can't be ignored and can be catastrophic to your long-term success.


Here are 3 key reasons why your business need
a coherent social media strategy and plan.

1. The social web is not going away.

The modern buyer is smarter than ever before; they will Google you and learn about you before contacting you. According to the Forrester’s study on B2B marketing, 68% prefer to research on their own, online before reaching out. 

2. Credibility can be enhanced or destroyed online.

By frequently sharing educational and valuable information about your product or services to customers, you will be deemed an expert in your field. Sharing content doesn’t just increase your credibility through your channels - it also makes you more visible to a wider audience.

3. Lack of strategy hands the advantage to competitors.

Savvier competitors will be working smarter at engaging customers based on clear goals, objectives and targets so performance is being measured, rather than results reported.

How Do I Know I Will Get ROI?

Your business is important to you and you've been juggling everything from the start. The investment you make in social media all starts with a process. Our 4-step process involves research, strategy, implementation and analysis.


As a CEO, you know you need to have an online presence, build relationships and get your customers to trust you. 

Our 4-step process is where we will learn how to define your online identity, discover which social media channels will be impactful in your business, build out a process for consistency, brainstorm how to educate and spread value with various types of content, build trust and leverage the digital space to help you develop long-term business relationships. 

Our 4-step process integrates research, strategy, implementation and analysis so that you get ROI out of your social media efforts.

We know your business requires a deep, intrinsic understanding of your products and services, and a fiery passion to produce consistent content that resonates with and engages the right people. When you partner with us, that’s exactly what you get. We take the time to get to know your business and develop a strategy designed specifically for you. Here is what our clients are saying:

  • You don’t have the time to execute social media projects

  • You welcome new tools and processes in marketing.

  • Your day-to-day business operations are a priority.

  • You want to leverage the power of social media but don’t know where to start.

  • You are a good communicator.

  • You want a hands-on approach to every aspect of marketing.

  • You are not ready to invest more time back into your business.

  • You are not very good at communicating.

  • You want it done it quickly and with very little research.

  • You are not open to flexibility.

With the goals focused on establishing trust and building relationships, we supplement sales efforts with comprehensive strategy catered for your business. What does this mean for your business?